Music: Mondkopf – Time Will Left This World Today (Split Music, 2019)

Paul Régimbeau alias Mondkopf returns with it‘s predecessor records after his excellent 2016 effort „They Fall But You Don‘t“. From the development perspective it was similar to William Basinski’s „The Disintegration Loops“ because both of them has a tragic background story. In case of Mondkopf it’s about the Paris attack back in 2015.

There is no doubt that „They Fall But You Don‘t“ was by far one of the best ambient / drone records in 2016. So the expection about the follow-up could‘t get any higher. Back in April Régimbeau releases the official follow up record „How Deep Is Our Love“ a perfect 4 piece drone record. It closes the gap between the last and the new one seamlessly. One of the best example for me is the second track „Growing“. It provides a similar tone like „The Fall But You Don‘t“ in atmosphere and intensity. From this perspective it‘s more like a traditional drone record compared to the new EP „Time Will Left This World Today“. This can be recognized in track structure and length. The EP will work something different. But not in a bad way, it‘s surprisingly good. In kind of darkness it reminds me at The Haxan Cloak or Vessel. One of the best example is the massive „Rise Of The People“. It could be easily on Vessel’s 2014 excellent „Punish, Honey“. If you look a bit deeper in the history of Paul Régimbeau discography it might be less unexpected. He started his carrer as a producer and DJ so he is very fimilar with electronic music. For me both releases are totally great because of their differences and the own identity of each other.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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