Travel: Citytrip to Milano (Italy)

The best way to complete this years summer might be a citytrip to Milano, Italy. So why not by the end of August. I do these kind of trips maybe once a year. In the last couple of years Italy explores more and more to my favourite country. First Rome, with it’s extraordinary architecture back in 2017, then Venice with all of the bridges and small rivers last year.

And now, Milano! For me, Rome and Venice are very nice towns. But in perspective of activities or parties there might be better towns in Italy. So Milano is the most famous town if you look at fashion and nightlife. I red some descriptions before and the area of Navigli sounds pretty good.

River Navigli

One of the descriptions sounds like that: In Milano the evenings starts with the so called “Passegiata” (mating dance) from the youth. Everyone put’s on there best clothes (bella figura) and transform Navigli to the biggest catwalk of the world. On the weekned the area around Navigli is a great place with all the restaurants and bars. Compared to Germany, it’s totally different. All the people comes together and celebrate the end of the week.

Club Bobino

Compared to Roma or Venice it‘s easier to go out at night. There some great venues around Navigli. One of them is the Club Bobino. Just in the summer it‘s a great spot with an awesome outside area. You can do both just relaxing or dancing. But be careful, drinks aren‘t cheap. The lowest price for a drink is 10 €. So I‘m a bit shocked as I ordered two beers. So, preperation is everything. The best option is to enjoy a couple of beers in some of the great bars before you went to the clubs.

Restaurant Rossini

But there aren‘t only bars in Milano. There is no doubt if you are in Italy, Pizza is a no brainer! To find a good restaurant isn‘t that easy if your hotel is a bit outside the center. But if you look a bit deeper in all Google recommendations you will find some pearls. One of them is the restaurant Rossini in the heart of Milano near station Via Torino Via S. Maria Valle. It‘s a bit hidden in a side street. It‘s a beautiful looking restaurant with a great ambiance and. The food is delicious (traditional Italian) and the personal friendly and very attentively.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Naturally you can‘t visit Milano without a short city tour. I‘m not a friend of art or architecture but Milano have some great spots to explore. This includes the shopping arcade „Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II“ and the „Cathedral of Milano“. On a great summer day you can explore the city relatively relaxed. And if you are not in the mood of shopping it‘s not difficult to find a cafe or bar to get a drink and observe the environment.

It‘s interesting, there is no matter when I travel to Italy, it‘s everytime a great experience. I just like the Italian mentality. It‘s different, warm and friendly more focused on living and family and less on working and carrier. I like this kind of feeling!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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