Music: Jogging House – Face (Seil Records, 2023)

Collaborations in music are a difficult story, sometimes they are great but mostly they failed because of high expectations. It‘s not in general if you bring two great artists together that the result is fantastic. But sometimes you find something new. That‘s exactly the case with „Communiqué“ by Benoît Pioulard and Jogging House from last year.

I never heard about this artist before. Jogging House? It‘s a strange name. You don‘t think about ambient and drone music if you have this name in mind. It sounds more like a DJ name, something in the electronic/beat segment. But it‘s not! Jogging House alias Boris Potschubay debuted back in 2011 and since then he brought us more than a dozen releases in the meantime. Based in Frankfurt, Germany Potschubay curated his own label Seil Records. It‘s also the home of other great artists like KMRU.

„Face“ is a synthbathed meditation on decay and acceptance and shows the typical Jogging House sound in which warm soundscapes are mingled with soft and playful melodies. This nine track album is an ambient journey to re-find yourself. It‘s the perfect way to escape from your daily routine. It starts with the opening track „Frail“. A warm and rush entrance before „Lessons“ starts with a beautiful synthy melody with some meditative vibes. „Narrative“ picks up these elements and slows a bit down. It holds the groundtone in atmosphere but varies in his own way. It‘s a generell strength of „Face“! There are many similarities in the tracks but each sounds completely different.

It really shines as a entire piece of music, but that‘s often the case for ambient/drone music. In here it makes completely sense to listen from start to finish. Underlined by the closing track „Another“ it’s clear why this record is that good. It combines all the great elements in one single track. What an epic closing! Even now it‘s clear that „Face“ is an fantastic record in the early months of 2023 and I wouldn‘t be surprised if it appears in some end of the year lists. Let‘s see…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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