Music: Faten Kanaan – A Mythology of Circles (Fire Records, 2021)

Brooklyn based composer and musical artist Faten Kanaan released her first record for Fire Records back in November last year. Born in Germany with Jordanian roots Kanaan explores cyclical patterns in her music, using harmony and counterpoint as narrative tools.

Back in November last year, Faten Kanaan released a new record „A Mythology of Circles“. Inspired by the Greek mythology Kanaan created a massive synthesizer driven record with bright dream sequences. The new album fits perfectly in her discography and doesn‘t leave the roots of her former works. The new one forms mythological/folkloric story structures from sweeping landscapes and quiet romances to patterned tensions. These combined elements leads to an perfect symbiosis about technology and human feelings.

„A Mythology of Circles“ starts with „Patagonia Motel 1: Largo“ an hypnotic prayerfully and mystic intro track. These melody floods into „The Archer“. It starts slow until an elegant synthesizer kicks in. It keeps a glorious 80s vibe combined with a mystic flair. It will follows by „Hesperides“ a pure melody and variations of it. It shines with repeating effects without being boring. Simplicity at it‘s best. „Birds of Myrrh“ symbolized the music of birds surrounded by mystic sounds. With „Night tide/Anteros“ the album picks up some drone elements and combined it with synthesizer surfaces. It sounds like a night sequence and a movie soundtrack from the 80s. It floods perfectly into „Sleepwalker“. This one works more like a bridge track and acts more like a short sequence. „Mist and Madrigal“ follows these roots and switches between foreground and background. It comes back after a while of fading. Next up is „Reve – Riviere“ a beautifully arranged track and „Erewhon“ with it‘s east european touch and charming melody. With „Patagonia Motel 2: Anders“ the melody of part one will be continued and leads into one of the album highlights „The North Wind“. It sounds like a breath. Drones kicks in slowly and open a massive sound area. Without any doubt one of the best in this collection. „The Heron“ and „Ishtar Terra“ closes the album.

„A Mythology of Circles“ is a great record and one of the best in 2021, altough it released back in 2020. It reminds me of artists like Caterina Barbieri, Kelly Moran or Oneohtrix Point Never. If you like one of these you will be in love with Faten Kanaan. I‘m excited to hear more from Faten Kanaan in the near future!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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