Music: Caterina Barbieri – Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego, 2019)

Italian composer Caterina Barbieri returns with her third record after the excellent “Patterns of Consciousness” (2017) and the also great sucessor “Born Again In The Voltage” (2018). With “Ecstatic Computation” she debut’s on Editions Mego (Loke Rahbek, Dino Spiluttini, Klara Lewis).

Back in 2017 Barbieri surprised the audience with a fresh analog / modular syntheziser album on the small Imporant records imprint. There is no doubt that “Patterns of Consciousness” was one of the best records in 2017. Barbieri combines blistering melodies with drone elements such no one can do. One of the best examples is the the epic album closer “Gravity that Binds”. A track that starts very gentle and ends with the highest possible peek in the second half. It’s still one of her greatest efforts until now. With “Born In The Voltage” she creates a much darker less melody oriented record that fit perfectly as a counterpart. Her third record “Ecstatic Computation” follows more her musically roots. Album opener “Fantas” shows very good in which direction this journey will go. Barbieri plays excellent with the main elements of the track and only tune very subtle here and there until the track switches to another perfect melody in the second part of the track. Another example is the album closer “Bow Of Perception” that starts with individual synthie sounds first and let them run into emptiness only to pick them up later for a very fine tune. The main part of the record isn’t much less excited but these two tracks are definitely outstanding. Barbieri is also a great live act. I was already convinced of that parformance back in March at Resonanzraum (Bunker, Feldstraße Hamburg).

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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