Music: William Basinski – One Time Out Of Time (Temporary Residence Ltd, 2019)

Ahead of the physical release of William Basinski‘s new record, he returns months before with some intense live sessions of „One Time Out Of Time“. The album subtext is about the sexual union of two black holes. The source material is derived from gravitational waves that occurred when two neutron stars hit each other.

William Basinski’s carrear goes back until the late 1980s, but only in the 21st century he was finally recognized and exalted for his excellent work. 9/11 might changes everything. It‘s not only a terrible day of history, it‘s also the birth of one of the greatest ambient records „The Disintegration Loops“. It’s a fragile ambient set, recorded from crumbling magnetic tapes shortly before 9/11, that he paired with a haunting video of Manhattan’s damaged skyline, shot from his Brooklyn rooftop. After that Basinski released a lot of stuff included cooperations with artists like Lawrence English and Richard Chartier. Back in 2018 William Basinski presents „One Time Out Of Time“ also at the Greatest Hits festival in Hamburg. The location is a great spot for intimate live performances, so it fits perfect for Basinski. The album includes 7 Tracks (1.1 to 1.7) and goes around 40 minutes. His new record is all about space and it feels weightless in almost every tone. Basinski is a master to combine loops and melodies in a perfect way. „One Time Out Of Time“ is also an epic space odessey. A journey in seven different captures. Each with it‘s one signature. For me the album only works as a whole piece except the non album track „4(E+D)4(ER=EPR)“.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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