Music: Daphni – Joli Mai (Jiaolong, 2017)

Daniel Victor Snaith has many names in the music business. He started his career as Manitoba in 2001. But after being threatened with a lawsuit by Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, Snaith changed his performance name to Caribou. He is also knwon as Caribou and Daphni.

Since 2001 he released 8 records and a bunch of EPs and Singles. As Daphni he discoverd a more club friendly environment compared to Caribou. He also collaborates with artists like Four Tet, Floating Points, Joy Orbison or Jamie xx. In the last couple of years Snaith pushes his career as a DJ. He playes as a main actor on the Fabric Live series or the yearly iteration of the Warehouse Project in Manchester. With Daphni, Snaith started back in 2012 with the debut “Jiaolong”. “Jiaolong” combined club music with elements of world music in an intresting way. Outstanding are the two album cuts “Ye Ye” and “Ahora”! His new one “Joli Mai” is less extraordinary than “Jiaolong” but not less interesting. Yes, it’s still club music but it goes more in the IDM direction of electronic music. This was clarified by album openers “Poly” and “Face to Face” while the softly bass driven “Carry On” could also appers on a past Caribou record! “Vulture” shines with a unusual Blade Runner like sequence in the middle. Because of the great rhythm driven feeling, “Joli Mai” shines on almost every single track. Another great, nearly flat house track is “The Truth”! It is realy great to have a new Four Tet and a new Daphni in just one month.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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