Music: Benoît Pioulard – Lignin Poise (Beacon Sound, 2017)

Nowadays we live in an fast moving world. Our everyday life is stressfull, challenging and always changing. With “Lignin Poise” the Seattle based artist Benoît Pioulard draws a musically statement. It works perfectaly to relax and hide your environment.

The strengh of a good ambient / drone record is to explore different tones. The variation isn’t very notable but the details shines from every corner. “Lignin Poise” cunjunct classical drone elemnts with a bunch of field recording parts. His previous works were released on the Chicago based experimental label Kranky (also home of Stars of the Lid, Tim Hecker, Loscil). The music from Pioulard is comparable to the works of colleague Rafael Anton Irisarri, so it’s not astonishing that both also works together and Irisarri mastered “Lignin Poise”. And yes, that’s very notable! “Lignin Poise” seems like a addition to Irisarri’s own record “The Shameless Years”. As I already mentioned in my review for “The Shameless Years” Irisarri has his complete own identity to create ambient music. In this regards Benoît Pioulard follows a similar approach. I’m not as long in this genre like other people but it looks that this year is really special in new ambient and drone music. This year goes to the end in the next days, so the typically years end lists hits the web. For me “Lignin Poise” should also find a way into it because it is another extraordinary drone record in 2017.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Dominik Scheuring

I'm living and working in Hamburg, Germany. My interests are all about music, movies, and traveling. I also do some typical sport activities like fitness, running and swimming.

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