Music: Four Tet – New Energy (TEXT Records, 2017)

Two years after “Morning/Evening” Kieran Hebden alias Four Tet returns with a new album on it’s own imprint Text Records. His last record from 2015 was completely different compares with his predecessors in almost every way.

“Morning/Evening” was a two track only album. Both tracks has an extra ordinary runtime around 20 minutes. But that’s not the only special thing about this one. The incluences on “Morning/Evening” follows Kieran’s indian roots. That’s very notable on the Bollywood-styled intro from “Morning Side”. If you red my review from 2015 you know I’m not a big fan about the new direction. So, what’s happend on “New Energy”? His new one goes definitely back to the roots of the melody inspired Four Tet records. There is no doubt “Free Energy” is his best one until his masterpiece “There Is Love In You” and that’s a great success. “New Energy” starts with two of the best tracks on the record. The slow down beauty “Two Thousand and Seventeen” opens the flow perfectly until “LA Trance” focused more on a driven beat/bass sample. The bass here reminds me at some tracks from his single compilation “Pink” from 2012. Very nice! “Free Energy” follows the path of relaxed beats on almost every track. Another example is “Lush” with his catchy background feeling. “SW9 9SL” is a small exception, but not in a bad way. It starts with a catchy bass / club feeling and takes a break in the middle until the focus goes back in the end. A similar effect generated the final track “Planet” and marks a perfect completion for the record. “New Energy” contains 14 tracks and has almost no lengths. Well done Kieran Hebden!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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