Music: Mondkopf – They Fall but You Don’t (In Paradisum, 2017)

Sometimes history repeats. As parisan electronic artist Paul Régimbeau alias Mondkopf starts with the recording of his new album “They Fall but You Don’t”, Paris was attacked by terrorism. It was the night of the attacks at Paris based club Bataclan during a concert.

If you look back in history of influential drone records you will find William Basinski’s “The Disintigration Loops” with a similar origin. Basinski completed his record exactly at the day of the attacks at the World Trade Center on nine eleven. Both records combines there intense and oppressive atmosphere. “They Fall but You Don’t” starts with an spoken intro by an italian child until the Buchla styled drone sounds predominance the setting. “Vivere, Parte I” markes a brilliant start into the record. The follow on track takes it time at the beginning and increases his volume until the peak. Paul Régimbeau gambles on his new album with these up’s and down’s in a nearly perfect way. It sounds very familiar to artists like Alessandro Cortini. Like Cortini, Régimbeau builds intense drone segments with a steady gain. If you listen to Cortini’s last masterpiece EP track “Est” you can find these similarities. After 40 minutes the record closes with “Vivere, Finale” in a more optimistic style. The sound of the used synthies feels warmer then before and the pressure drops at the end. “They Fall but You Don’t” is an unexpected perfect drone record and another great piece of music in 2017. Worth to listen and highly recommended!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Dominik Scheuring

I'm living and working in Hamburg, Germany. My interests are all about music, movies, and traveling. I also do some typical sport activities like fitness, running and swimming.

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