Music: Loke Rahbek – City Of Women (Editions Mego, 2017)

My initial thought for Loke Rahbek’s “City Of Woman” was the following: It marks a big homage to Tim Hecker’s masterpiece “Virgins” from 2013. This reference is by the way the highest praise for a drone / ambient record. While Hecker explore’s with his last effort “Love Streams” new ways in matters of synths and echos, Rahbek create’s a pure drone record.

The opener from “City Of Women” reveals already the Posh Isolation background from Rahbek. Last years “Valentina Tereshkova” by Mats Erlandson sounds familiar in some cases. “Fermented”, the second track on it embrace the piano elements from Hecker’s “Virgins” in a beautiful way. These parallels also appears on the title track “City Of Woman”, an 6 minute long synthie drone beast. After that, the atmosphere started to switch to a more darker place. “A Mess Of Love” and “Palm” could be also appears on Raime’s 2014 successor “Quarter Turns Over A Living Line” from 2012. It is astonishing how variant this record is! “In Piles Of Magazine” set the volume bar to the maximum until the strain falls down with the piano snippet “A Word A Day”. There is no doubt this is one of the highlight moments on “City Of Women”! The last two tracks “Swimwear” and “Take Pleasure in Habits” completes this record in the best way it could. As a drone record Loke Rahbek succeeded to manage the balancing between complexity and catchiness. Until now 2017 is full of great releases and “City Of Women” is no exception. Mindblowing!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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