Music: Kailin – Fracture (Mistry, 2017)

Back in March, Manchester based music distribution Boomkat highly recommendend an electronic underground release by Kailin. There isn’t much information about him on his facebook account and if you looking further on the Bandcamp site from Mistry you can’t get more.

“Fracture” marks his first full-length release after a bunch of EPs with some of his label mates Batu, Laksa, Chevel and Webstarr. It is not easy to describe “Fracture” but for me it reminds me sometimes at the first efforts of Nosaj Thing and Arca. It is electronic music with ambient elements, sometimes dark and sometimes it sounds like a sci-fi soundtrack for the new Blade Runner movie. This combination isn’t totally surprised if you look at the roots of the record label Mistry. It is a club oriented record label. But “Fracture” isn’t a tipically club record. With it’s ambient elements “Fracture” disintegrating classical dancefloor structures and builds his own dark sci-fi world. Sure, Boomkat has a little bit overpraised “Fracture”, but in it’s entirely perspective it is definitely a great record and worth to listen. Label owner Beneath describes it perfectly as “uplifting whilst also being dread filled…”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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