Movie: La La Land (StudioCanal, 2017)

First of all, yes the movie title “La La Land” sounds a little bit crazy. If you look only at the title it is impossible to say what kind of movie you can expact. When I saw the first teaser trailer about the new movie by Damien Chazelle I was very excited what kind of movie he will create next, because his last one Whiplash was absolutely amazing. Chazelle is a master to note all the details in every scene setting. In Whiplash the story between Andrew (Miles Teller) and his teacher Mr. Fletcher (J.K. Simons) was intense in almost every scene. Whiplash leaves the viewer behind with an emotional chaos. For me, La La Land is the opposite of Whiplash because it is more shiny and has this positive basic tone.

If you look at the trailers of La La Land you will observe that this is not a typical hollywood block buster movie. La La Land is primarily a musical / romantic movie. And this impression will set right within the first scene. Dancing and singing are key elements of La La Land. This leads to an unusual feeling in the first half an hour of the movie. For me, it takes time to dive in La La Land.

The story is about Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling and Mia, played by Emma Stone. Sebastian, an Jazz musican without an permanent employment and Mia, who dreams about a carrer as actor in hollywood. Both following thier dreams. He works occasionally in bars and clubs but he don’t like to play things he doesn’t like. That’s the reason why he wants to manage his own jazz club in the future. Mia works during the days in a coffee store at a movie studio. In her free time she jumps from one casting to another. Both pushes each other to realize thier dreams. On this way they have to accept some setbacks. This leads to complications in the relationship between Sebastian and Mia. I will not tell the hole story and how it ends, because La La Land is worth to watch. In my opinion this movie can also split the audience, because it is easy to love and hate it at the same time. Let me explain why: I can understand people how quit this movie after the first minutes, but these people are a little bit premature.

So, what is so special about La La Land? For me, the presentation is extraordinary. As I mentioned in the intro, producer Damien Chazelle looks on every detail. Wherever you look, acting, costumes, pictures and scene presentations are almost perfect. As an example I will pick the scene with Sebastian in the bar at the piano. As he played his free jazz installment Chazelle set the focus only at him and dims the light for his environment. This leads to an intense feeling. It goes on with the acting between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Both interact brilliant in fromt of the camera. You can dive in the mind of each character easily.

Conclusion: Nowadays, these kind of movies are untypical because musicals are not contemporary these days. Damien Chazelle succeeds to combine a great story with a modern musical touch. It’s good to know that people like Chazelle are courageous enough to do movies like this one. I think we will see some more from this young producer in the future. I’m excited what’s next, but by now I’m overwhelmed with La La Land, surely one of the movie highlights in 2017!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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