TV Show: Red Oaks (Amazon Video, Season I-II)

In the past view years TV Shows becomes more and more popular. Nowadays self produced TV Shows by Netflix or Amazon are the new streaming stars. I will not say that the typical block buster movie is dead, but good produced TV Shows reached a new quality. One of these self produced shows is Amazon’s Red Oaks a coming of age comedy which takes place in the 80s. The decision to like or dislike a new show will normally set in the first two episodes.

The pilot episode of Red Oaks introduce the main characters and the story perfectly. If you like the setting you will know how it goes on. The main story is about David Meyers (Craig Roberts) who takes a side job as a tennis teacher in the Red Oaks Country Club during his summer holidays. The members of the country club are often rich and elitist. David’s father Sam (Richard Kind) would like that his son becomes a Financial Accountant to enter his office, but David is completely undecided about his future plans. As he started as a tennis teacher at Red Oaks he works together with leader Nash (Ennis Esmer). Nash introduce David in the world of the rich and beauties from Red Oaks. This constellation takes place in great moments! Also the battle between Nash and Skip (Golf Professional) is totally awesome.

For David, season one leads to some changes. His relationship to Karen (Gage Golightly) does not work as good as in the past and his parants take a break. As he started at Red Oaks as a tennis teacher he early met the club president Doug Getty. Getty was played by Paul Reiser. David notes, that he is not the man that you would like as a enemy. Unfortunately David looks up to Getty’s daughter Skye (Alexandra Socha). So, anger is pre-programmed! Red Oaks provides besides the main story also side stories between Weeler (Chef of parking service) and Misty (Lifeguard) and also David’s parents.

Yes, Red Oaks has this special 80s look and feel and yes, it is a little bit trashy but these elements makes the show great. The setting and the characters are great, the comedy elemets are charming and the short 20-30 minutes episodes fly by. I would like to see more about Red Oaks, hopefully in Season 3.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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