Music: Brian Eno – Reflection (Warp Records, 2017)

If I have to describe the new record from Brian Eno in just one word, than I would like to say “Surreal”. I have never listening to him before. Maybe some excluded tracks. But that was a mistake. If you look at the tracklist you will recognize very fast what kind of music you can expect. Just one track and a playtime around one hour. For ambient artists this scenario isn’t untypical. Most of the tracks goes around 10-20 minutes.

In this case Eno plays with monotony without repeating. The melodies and tones only changes in details. There are people that claim that nothing ever happend in ambient music, but they are wrong. The problem is, that ambient differs completely from other typical music genres. You have to take your time to dive in. Another attribute from “Reflaction” is, that it’s totally timeless. You can listen to it just like a normal ambient record in full or you enjoy only a period of time from it. The atmosphere is just the same. Enos strength is to build his own world. And that’s also a key element of ambient music. The audience can be completely isolated of their environment. From the beginning to the end the record runs nearly one hour. My recommendation for “Reflaction” is the following: Headphones on, lights out! The year starts great for experimental music. Hopefully we will see some more in 2017, but we will keep our eyes open. Thanks Mr. Eno for this new masterpice.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Dominik Scheuring

I'm living and working in Hamburg, Germany. My interests are all about music, movies, and traveling. I also do some typical sport activities like fitness, running and swimming.

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