Music: Dustin O‘Halloran – Silfur (Deutsche Grammophon, 2021)

The american composer is one of the most successfull soundtrack creator out there. In the past couple of years O‘Halloran was responsible for the movie OST‘s of Lion, Transparant, Marie Antoinette and such more. Further he is also the other half of A Winged Victory for the Sullen. With „Silfur“ he returns with a stellar and timeless solo work.

One of the most adventages about classical music compared to other genres is there resistence and timeless. There is no demand to create the next big thing, because quality will remain. There are some similarities if you look back to O‘Halloran‘s 2012 „Lumiere“. It‘s still an fantastic record with so much emotions in it. This record is close to his 10th aniversity! With „Silfur“ he follows a similar way. It‘s more clear if you take a look at the tracklist. He remain the „Opus“ structure from „Lumiere“. Melodies will return but in a different way.

„Silfur“ starts with the gently „Opus 56“. Already after the first few seconds in, there is no doubt this is such a beautiful start. But the high quality will remain. With „Opus 28“ strings attend the piano ground melody. These roots will be seamlessly continued with „Opus 44“ and „Opus 18“. With the following „Opus 17“ ends the first third of „Silfur“ in a perfect way. It‘s difficult to pick every single track on „Silfur“ because all of them are amazing. It sounds like a masterpiece of classical music. O‘Halloran self mentioned that „Silfur“ was inspired by the relationship between music and time. He do some reworks about old ideas and give them a new life. „Silfur“ was recorded on different locations around Island. One of these was the Frikirkjan-Church in Reykjavik. It was also the location of his first concert ever together with Johann Johannsson and Hauschka.

„Silfur“ takes his name by the famous Islandic cristals. There special characteristic is to break light twice. Objects will appear twice. O‘Halloran describes the similarity in there as well: „It splits them in two, but at the same moment: The present and the past“. With „Silfur“ it‘s possible to fade out your environment completely. This piece of music is for pleasure-lovers. Lay back, close your eyes and listen…!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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