Music: Justina Jaruseviciute – Silhouettes (Piano & Coffee Records, 2021)

With „Silhouettes“ the Lithuanian composer released her first full lenght debut. Inspired by Johann Johannsson‘s 12 Conversattions with Thilo Heinzmann she creates a marvoules classical record. A beautiful stiring set of chamber music, which seem to capture hope and sadness at once.

Back in September 2019, Justina attended an Echo Collective show at Funkhaus Berlin, where Johann Johannsson‘s album 12 Conversations with Thilo Heinzmann was being premiered. This concert, which she described as one of the most touching performance she had ever attended, was one of the main insperation to create these kind of music.

After her debut track with „Rituals“ back in 2020 the Berlin based composer starts with the creation process of „Silhouettes“. Recorded between June and November at Christuskirche in Berlin „Silhouettes“ is a remarkable record by a very talented composer. The shape of the record often feels more pensive and dark but in a few moments it seems light shines through the lines. There is a continuous change between dramatic and hope.

The record starts with „Wolf Hour“ and ends with „Sunrise“ and that‘s for a reason. Justina explained why: „The hour of the wolf is that time of the night in which people wake up without any particular reason and can‘t fall back asleep. Last year, this happened to me numerous times, which allowed me to think about a lot of musical ideas while I waited on the sun to rise. To me, these ten compositions are like some kind of shadows, silhouettes of these sleepless nights“. It‘s very difficult to pick some specific highlights on „Silhouettes“ because this record only works as one piece of music. Justina has a great sense to implement dramatic peaks without loosing it‘s intense silence moments.

A masterpiece of classical music that attend us on a journey with dreams, fear, hope and thrill. This record has a powerful strength and beauty imbued with a great sensitivity. Best in class of classical albums in 2021? Yes, totally recommended!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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