Music: Luis Fernandes – Demora (Room40, 2019)

With „Demora“ new label assignee Luis Fernandes debuts on the Lawrence English imprint Room40. Demora means „delay“ in Portuguese. Depending on the way you use it on a sentence, it can also mean that something is taking to long or it‘s making someone wait to long for someting. In case of „Demora“ the wait was worth it.

That was all part of the creation process of „Demora“. His intention was to create one piece of music with a constant flow. So, that‘s no wonder that „Demora“ was created in only one take. The flow of the improvisation gave room for Luis to play around with the structure and refine the sounds. Armed with a modular synthesizer the journey starts with the album opener „Rising Edge“, a rough and scratching intro with a long build up melody. It floats perfectly into the second track „Fractured Harmony With Pulse“. It‘s one of the highlights on „Demora“. As the title described Luis Fernandes gambles with a pulsing synthesizer in such a perfect way. It remindes me on the last records from Catarina Barbieri. The middle section of “Demora” takes place by the similar album tracks “Demora Pt.1” and “Demora Pt.2”. While part one creates a completely new structure with it’s slow and glimmering harmonies, part two catches up the melody from the second track and build something new. It’s here that Demora shows how beautifully crafted it is, how the details aren’t just details. The details aren’t there to distract you from the main thing, they are there for you to embrace the core and follow the same flow, the same path, that Luis did. The album closes perfectly with the outro of “Refracted Cloud”. To explore all of the beauty from “Demora” it’s essential to hear it in one take. It sounds like a masterpiece in the class of 2019.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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