Music: Christina Vantzou – N4.5 (Kranky, 2019)

Belgium based artist and longtime Kranky member Christina Vantzou released her fourth record “N4” back in 2018 for the famous drone / ambient label (also known for artists like Tim Hecker, Loscil and Stars of the Lid). Vantzou’s music combines classical and ambient elements. Now she also released a reworked version, like her records before.

With her last record Christian Vantzou creates her most ambitious one until know. “N4” is a timeless and wonderful record from start to finish. “N4” took shape across roughly two years, incorporating a diverse array of musical and conceptual collaborators, including fellow Kranky artists Steve Hauschildt and John Also Bennett (of Forma) as well as Angel Deradoorian (ex-Dirty Projectors), Clarice Jensen, Beatrijs De Klerck, and members of Belgium’s Echo Collective. Her signature of smoky dream sequences and texturally rich electro-acoustic shines all the time. Sometimes the listener doesn’t know any transition between the tracks. The records starts with the fading intro of “Glissando for Bodies and Machines”. It’s the perfect first impression of a very harmonious and coherent record. Just “Some Limited and Warning Memories” is an excellent example for that. Is it possible to play a piano more sad and emotional? The created atmosphere here is simply amazing. With the reworked version from Milan W. the behavior is a bit different. It’s a more haunting and pulsing track without leaving their roots. The other reworked versions aren’t very different, but more similar to the album. Until now I do not know any artist that combines classical elements and drones in such a perfect way like Christina Vantzou. That’s very impressive!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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