Music: Rafael Anton Irisarri – The Shameless Years (Umor Rex, 2017)

It’s been a while since Rafael Anton Irisarri released his last official record “A Fragile Geography” for the influential australian underground label Room40. But this situation has been changed this year. After the awesome collaboration “La Equidistancia” with Leandro Fresco back in April, Irissari released his new record “The Shameless Years” on the Mexico-based label Umor Rex.

Umor Rex is well known for experimental drone music. The distribution will handeld from Berlin and you can also buy records on tape. They offers a small but great collection of ambient / drone records. If you follow me for a while you will known that this kind of music isn’t for everyone. If you are fimilar with artist like Lawrence English, Tim Hecker or Alessandro Cortini you will also like Irisarri’s work. Back in 2016 Irissari hosts a small series of concerts around Europe. He also takes place at Berlin’s “KW Institute for Contemporary Art” in February. The venue matches the style of Irisarri’s music perfectly. It was an intimate small show with an astounding atmosphere. Realy difficult to explain in words but that’s the case if you are listening to his music. “The Shameless Years” follow the roots of his predecessors without to be a simple copy of that. The kind how Irisarri build a unique atmosphere hasn’t changed and if you are listening to “RH Negative” you will understand what I mean. It’s that kind of melody that floats above everything. How is it possible to build a “simple track” like that with an emotional peak like this?! In general it is difficult to describe drone / ambient music, but every artist has his own handwritten identity and that’s the same with Irisarri. 2017 is full of great drone / ambient records and “The Shameless Years” marks no exception. Extraordinary and highly recommended!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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