Music: Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio (Hospital Productions, 2015)

At the beginning of this year two of my best friends recommended me Alessandro Cortini. First, I never listened to his music, so who is that guy? What I know is that he is a member of the alternative group Nine Inch Nails. His primary role in the band was to play the keyboards. He also formed the band SONOIO as his first solo project in 2010.

The newer releases by himself are comes under his own name. One or two month ago I have noticed that he will release a new record called “Risveglio”. I’m listening to the first teaser song “La Sveglia” via his soundcloud page and was blown away. This song has a special dark and hypnotic John Carpenter style in it. I love it! After that I have no change to ignore the past releases from him. I decided to start with the direct predecessor “Sonno”. After the first tracks I’m into it. Very intense atmosphere! Cortini is a master in the usage of the synthesizer. For the sucessor “Risveglio” he also create his intense drone sounds by only one instrument, the Roland MC-202—a monophonic synthesizer/sequencer. “Risveglio” is a immersive record and you should listend to this via good headphones. The first three tracks are massive until the short sequence of track four. It’s a little bit strange that this track stoped suddenly after 30 seconds. But yes this is a planned cut according to Cortini. This kind of music is definitely not suitable for standard listener. You have to be into that kind of drone music. If you like artists like Tim Hecker, Roly Porter or Lawrence English you will also like the work of Alessandro Cortini. There is no way to ignore his work. For me “Risveglio” could be one of the best releases in this year, but we will see what comes next.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I would like to give you a short introduction about my new blog. This blog is about reviews. I would like to recommend my favourite kind of music, movies, tv shows and other personal stuff.

First, my music taste is definetly not usually. In the past I’m listening to all kind of Indie music but my musically taste has changed in the last 1-2 years. Nowadays I’m listening to more experimental stuff. My favourite genres are electronic, idm and drone. I also post new tracks on my ChillWave Facebook page. Movies: I like independent movies. There are some classics like “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “Lost in Translations”, “Ghostbusters” or popular trilogies like “Back to the Future”, “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”. In this blog I want to write reviews about new (or in my point of view new) movies. The field of tv-shows are endless in time of streaming services like netflix or amazon. Nobody can watch to all of them. There are goods and bads. Hopefully I will pick the goods. The fourth category is about personal things I would like to share. So, I hope you all like to read my new blog and write comments about current reviews I have posted.