Music: Daniel Avery / Alessandro Cortini – Illusion Of Time (Phantasy Sound, 2020)

Everything between Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini started as a collaborative experiment a couple of years ago. Avery and Cortini worked remotely out of any concept or deadline. Back in 2018 when both finished their tour with Nine Inch Nails they completed the final result „Illusion of Time“. A record with the collision of two unexpected sounds.

„Illusion Of Time“ is a powerful album rooted in trust, process and experimentation. It starts with the opening track „Sun“. A massive drone and a raw synth driven one. It works nicely to dive into the record. It floods perfectly into the album title track, one of the highlights on „Illusion Of Time“. It’s a more focussed track and way more silent then the opener. The melody is the key element here. With a small amount of distortion and noise, it’s such a beautiful track. „CC Pad“ picks up the slower tempo from the predecessor. It‘s more like an ambient track and together with „Space Channel“ it works more like a bridge between this and the next one. With „Inside The Ruins“ the album tone switches again to a more dark and uncomfortable picture. It’s a pulsing and impressing track at the same way. „At First Sight“ and „Interrupted By The Cloud Of Light“ catches the key elements from „Illusion Of Time“ as two great ambient tracks before „Enter Exit“ smashes the stage. It‘s clearly a Cortini infected track. Such a beast of a track! Next to last is „Water“ an ambient track that drifts away sometimes but still keep his foundation. It shows in such a great way the strength of this record. As a heavy synthy based record it never feels monoton. The record fades out with the closing part of „Stills“. „Illusion Of Time“ delivers a great varity of sounds and spectrum, thanks to Avery and Cortini for such a nice collaboration.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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