Music: Erik Levander – Inåt (Forwind, 2019)

Last year berlin based scandinavian composer Erik Levander released a remarkable record called “Couesnon” for Katuktu Collective. Just after one year of absestence Levander returned with “Inåt” on Forwind. Levander is an mastermind for dark ambient drone records and “Inåt” is no exception!

In 2018 Levander surprised us with an unexpected release for Katuktu Collective. The extraordinary dark “Couesnon” was definitely a hidden drone gem from 2018. In a year full of great drone and ambient releases it could be easily missed, but that would be a shame. The 4-Track release is full of amazing tracks, like the opening one indicates. The new one isn’t completely different but it’s definitely more synth driven like the predecessor. The album title “Inåt”, translating “Inwards”, refers to the introspectiveness of the compositions, drawing inspiration from personal struggles in everyday life. Inåt still features a vibrant blend of digital, analog and acoustic sounds. It all starts with the gorgeous heavy Blade Runner like opener “Oförankrad”, a 7 minute dark/drone firework. The follow one “Prövning” is totaly alarming. The distortion and urgent pulsing make it the most taut and alarming piece on the album. With “År av tvivel” Levander reduces the tempo and volume a bit to provide a more oppressive and menace like atmopshere. In some parts it reminds me on the also fantastic Chernobly OST from Hildur Guðnadóttir. The second part of “Inåt” is more ambient and instrumental. “Tomhetens räckvidd” is a deep and emotive instrumental track. Erik combines electronics and woodwind with a restraint and panache that results in a beautiful and understated piece of music. But that’s not all, the album closes with the epic sounded “Celestografi”! Is there any better way to close an album? I guess not. What a journey, thanks Erik!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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