Music: Tim Hecker – Anoyo (Kranky, 2019)

Back in May Tim Hecker releases the direct sucessor of 2018s highly recommended “Konoyo”. With “Anoyo” Hecker delivers the seamless follower. Both records are in the same context and were also created in the same record session back in 2017.

After his short term debut “Love Streams” on 4AD back in 2016, Hecker returns with a more fimiliar sound. In comparison “Love Streams” could be recognized as his “mainstream” debut, because it’s the most catchy release from Hecker by now. I wouldn’t say that Hecker goes backards with “Konoyo” / “Anoyo” but it feels more like his older Kranky releases. For me, 2013s “Virgins” is still his untouchable masterpiece because it is unique until today. Because the studio work with „Konoyo“ wasn‘t entiretly finished, he decided to release a second album in form of „Anoyo“. Both records based on traditional Japanese gagaku music in which „Anoyo“ is more experimental and also a bit more natural. It starts with the 9 minute opener „That World“. It’s difficult to discern between the analogue and synthesized, a confusion that Hecker has relished in the past. The big strength of Hecker is it to destroy melodies and simultaneously add complexity. With „Anoyo“ it‘s a bit different and also less noisy. A good example delivery the flawless „Step Away From Konoyo“ with it‘s floating tone. The quality output from Hecker is definetly remarkable and leads to another great ambient / drone record. These albums shouldn‘t compared, but taken in together.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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