Music: Demdike Stare – Wonderland (ModernLove, 2017)

Actually the new Demdike Stare record release at the end of 2016. But that’s only include the CD and Digital release. Nowadays manchester based label Modern Love (Andy Stott, Millie & Andrea, Rainer Veil) release the Vinyl version of “Wonderland”. It’s the first album in five years. They doesn’t make a hard cut in style compared to thier EPs but they uses new elements.

“Wonderland” is more aggressive and less spooky as the predecessor. It’s an open secret that I really like the output from Modern Love, because most of them are quality efforts in Techno and UK Garage. The new Demdike Stare is no exception. That’s straight obvious after the first track “Curzon”. For me it’s one of the best Techno/Garage tracks from last year. It reminds my of a helicopter sound. It goes definitely more in the direction of the last Millie & Andrea as the new one from Andy Stott. Also number two “Animal Style” transport a great rhythm feel. At that point it’s clear that it’s not a normal techno record. With “Hardnoise” and “Sourcer”they reach new hights when it comes to aggressive style. One of the highlight from the second half of “Wonderland” is “Airborne Latency”. It starts with a typically distortion beat at the first half until it falls to an ambient-like sound at the end. This track excactly points out the variation of Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker. With “Wonderland” they create a powerhouse of wild, off-the-cuff energy and it sounds like Demdike Stare!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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