Music: Roly Porter – Third Law (Triangle Records, 2016)

Back in late 2015, Bristol based composer Roly Porter released his first piece of new music since is briliant last output “Life Cycle of a Massive Star” from 2013. Porter was one half of dub tech/industrial duo Vex’d. Since his first solo records Porter enters a more experimantal style in his music. It has definitely a lot of sub-bass and modern classical elements in it. Some people call it simple Dark-Ambient.

Porters new one could be his heaviest by now. This observation already takes place on the first track of “Third Law”. “4101” could be easily on the latest Haxan Cloak record. Heavy, dark and totally frightening! On “Third Law” Porter works more with switching elements like on his last one. Some parts are very loud and heavy and others are more quiet and spooky. This leds to an interesting journey. From the punishment of “Mass” and “Departure Stage” to the lumbering cacophony of “Blind Blackening.” This kind of music was created for good headphones! “Third Law” is intensive and frightened at the same time. It could be also a fantastic soundtrack for the next alien movie. “Third Law” trades emotion for physical power and presence. Porter combined on the new one the aggression of his early materials into the maturity and otherworldliness of his solo work, and the result is definitely astonishing. One of the years top list records in 2016!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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