First Spin: Rafael Anton Irisarri

I have never heard before about Rafael Anton Irisarri. Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer, interdisciplinary artist and curator. His music is similar to artists like Tim Hecker and Lawrence English. It’s a kind of ambient and drone music. Very unique and very special!

On October 23 he will released his new album called “A Fragile Geography” on Room 40. I’m getting the tip by a good friend of mine! He shared the first track of the record on facebook. Thanks for that! Resident Advisor wrote a view words about the record: “A Fragile Geography was two years in the making, and marks a difficult in transitional period in the American producer’s life. Not only did he move from Seattle, where he was a staple of the local electronic music scene, to upstate New York, but he was robbed in the process and lost almost all of his gear. The record is also said to reflect “the tensions of contemporary America, contrasting passages of great beauty and calm with harrowing waves of density and pressure.” As with past records under Irisarri’s given name, A Fragile Geography will come via Australian experimental imprint Room40.“ Below you can hear the track “Empire Systems”. What a massive drone tune, can’t wait to listen to the whole record..!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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